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The Beauty Magazine, Do we really need night cream

Do we really Need Night Cream?

If you’ve ever been confused about the myriad of products available at the cosmetic counter, you are not alone. In fact, there are so many product options for us today with different descriptions and ingredients it’s hard to distinguish what is really necessary on a daily basis. With that point in mind, we had to ask the question, is night cream really necessary?.... Read More



We all know the basics for keeping our skin nourished and healthy during winter, the problem is, we rarely follow the rules. So what’s the answer? Find the products that make it easier! We covered each winter skin issue and selected the right products to help you make skincare easier to maintain in the coming colder months...Read On

The Rise of resveratrol

The Rise of Resveratrol

Listen to any nutrionist talk about Resveratrol and they will tell you, it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. However, when it actually comes to clinical studies, there’s a lot of grey matter clouding the issue. ... Read More

The Beauty Magazine, Frederic Fekkai

Fix Your Hair Woes ...

An Interview with Frederic Fekkai

Few names generate the kind of excitement that Frédéric Fekkai creates when it comes to hair styling. Renowned the world over for styling the locks of super A list celebs and super models, he is friendly, approachable and simply the best at what he does. ... Read more